Planning Board

An Overview

The Planning Board consists of volunteer residents appointed by the Mayor. The Planning Board is responsible for the adoption and the amending of the Master Plan in compliance with provisions of the New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law (MLUL). The Planning Board is also authorized to approve conditional use applications as authorized by Sate statute. To administer the provision s of the Land Use and Development Ordinance of the borough in accordance with the provisions of this chapter and the Municipal Land Use Law.

Board Composition

The Planning Board consists of nine (9) members and two (2) alternate members. The Board is assisted by a professional staff consisting of:

  • An Attorney
  • Borough Engineer
  • Board Secretary

Planning Board Meetings

The Planning Board meets for Public Hearing once each month on the second (2nd) Monday at 7:00 PM at the municipal building, 59 Anderson Avenue, Fairview, NJ 07022.

Planning Board Members (4 year term-Mayor's Appointment)

Mayor Vincent Bellucci, Jr. 
Jhon Gomez [12/31/19]

Marty Booth, Chairman [12/31/21]

Mary Ann Mancuso [12/31/19]

Maryann Donzi [12/31/22]

Jayson Gutierrez [12/31/19]

Maryann DelVecchio, Board Secretary

Carmine Alampi, Board Attorney [12/31/19]

All meetings regularly scheduled as set forth above shall be held in the Municipal Building located at 59 Anderson Avenue, Fairview, New Jersey. All Regular Meetings shall commence at 7:00 PM in the Council Chambers.


Board of Adjustment

Albert Birchwale, Board Attorney 

Mary Ann Madia, Board Secretary & Alternate [12/31/19]

Robert Taylor, Chairman [12/31/19]

Roxanne Guiness [12/31/19]

Kenneth Schmitt [12/31/22]

Nick Morin [12/31/22]


Rent Leveling Board Members 2019

John McGlade, Esq. - Board Attorney

Council Liaison:  Albert Lukin

Joann Panzarino, Recording Secretary

Maryann Mancuso [12/31/19]

Brenda Rutch [12/31/19]

Belgica Ortega [12/31/19]


Martha Romano [12/31/19]

Rent Leveling Board Meetings are held once a month in accordance with Agenda for 2019


Local Assistance Board Members 2019

Council Liaison:  Councilman Russell Martin

JoAnn Panzarino, Director

Maryann Mancuso [12/31/21]

Carol Russo [12/31/19]

Helen Mussella [12/31/19]

Brenda Rutch [12/31/19]

Mary LaPilla [12/31/21]

 Martha Romano [12/31/21]

Local Assistance Board Meetings are held in February, September and November 2019


Board of Health Board Members 2019

BC Health Inspector - Rosemarie Roque[County Contract with Borough]

Joann Panzarino, Secretary

Council Liaison:  Councilman Russell Martin

Maryann Mancuso [12/31/19]

Carol Russo [12/31/19]

Helen Mussella [12/31/19]

Brenda Rutch [12/31/19]

Nada Lukin [12/31/19]

Mary LaPilla [12/31/19]

Martha Romano [12/31/19]

Medical Consultant: 

TBD - Meeting dates


Library Board Board Members 2019

Mayor Vincent Bellucci, Jr.

Diane T. Testa - Mayor's Alternate

Dr. David Sleppin

Samuel Juliano, III [12/31/21]

Stephanie Bellucci - Board President [12/31/20]

Lydia Tarabokija [12/31/21]

Rose Fontaina [12/31/22]

Valentino Ivezaj [12/31/20]



COAH Board Board Members 2019

Mayor Vincent Bellucci, Jr.

Councilman Stephen Burke [12/31/19]

Carmine Alampi, Board Attorney [12/31/19]

Roxanne Guiness [12/31/19]

William Katchem

TBD - board meeting dates


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